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Through Hell And Back

WW2 Bomber Game, choose crew, fight off enemies, bomb your target and return home safely.


In the midst of World War II, countless young men from diverse backgrounds embarked on perilous missions, each fueled by a desire to serve their nations and return to their loved ones. "Through Hell and Back" seeks to capture these tales of courage and sacrifice.

This semi-historical board game offers an engaging blend of storytelling and strategy. While it draws inspiration from real events, our primary aim is to provide an enjoyable gaming experience rather than an exact historical simulation.

Say goodbye to complicated lookup tables! Our streamlined gameplay centers around the cards you'll use for your missions, ensuring a more immersive experience. No more pausing the action to consult charts; let your strategy unfold seamlessly.

What's included?

  • 1 Main game board featuring the B-24
  • 16 Allied Escort Cards (Includes one special Ace)
  • 20 Enemy Aircraft Cards (includes one special Ace)
  • 26 Missions (bombsights and dossier)
  • 10 Bomber Mini-cards
  • 1 Special Bomber Mini-card with this crowd sale version.
  • 155 Base Mission cards
  • 10 Double-sided crew cards (novice & veteran)
  • 50 Cubes
  • 39 Dice
  • 1 Game Manual
  • Game box
  • Mission Records PDF (Downloadable)
  • PDF Manual (Downloadable)
  • PDF Bonus Crew Cards with empty name block (Print out and fill in your own crew member names! Downloadable)


This game features handcrafted full-color art work. Allied aircraft cards representing the P-40, and axis planes, FW-190,BF-110 and BF-109. There are also 10 bomber cards featuring nose art so you can better personalize your bomber, plus one extra bomber card for crowd sale buyers. There are 26 missions included in the base game. Each in-land mission has a bomb sight card with hand made art work.

Pick your mission, choose your special crew abilities, assemble your mission deck, and take off. Deal with various incidents while in flight, not just from your plane but also from enemy intercepters that want nothing more than to see you drop from the skies. Line up for your bombing run and release your bombs. Youre not out of the woods yet though, you still have to make it back home and land!


Above some of the mission cards. There are 26 missions in total.

Below is a crew card sample. The base game comes with 20 crew cards. Ten novice and ten veteran.


Why buy this?

A well done game that is fun to play with great artwork!

  • Engaging story creation for each mission.
  • 26 Fun and Challenging missions.
  • Detaild hand made original art.




Component Quantity Photo
Jumbo Booklet 1 component component
Large Retail Box 1 component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 28 cards component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 36 cards component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 72 cards component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 18 cards component component
Tarot Deck 1 deck of 54 cards component component
Bi-Fold Game Board 1 component component
Mini Deck 1 deck of 14 cards component component
Cube, 8mm, Yellow 14 component component
D12, Yellow 1 component component
D20, Blue 1 component component
D6, 12mm, Black 1 component component
D6, 12mm, Blue 6 component component
D6, 12mm, Red 8 component component
D6, 12mm, White 22 component component
Ice Cube, 8mm, Opaque, Black 14 component component
Ice Cube, 8mm, Transparent Red 20 component component
Ice Cube, 8mm, Transparent, Blue 2 component component

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