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A Randomized Game of Space Combat

Thrust! is A Space Combat Microgame Inspired by Very Bad Chess by Zach Gage and the Upcoming Ship Combat Rules From the Mothership Shipbreakers’ Toolkit. It also features secret board gameplay, giving it a vibe best described as Space Battleship.

To play, you randomly choose four space ships that will be your fleet for the game. Combat is quick and brutal, running out of fuel is as big of a threat as violence. Each time a ship is damaged, there are permanent consequences. Every game will be unbalanced and unique, and this is by design, you need to think on your toes using the ships available to you. The winner is the last person with a surviving ship.

Each turn of the game is split into five phases.

  1. Initiative Phase
    • Each turn players roll to see who will go first.
  2. Recon Phase
    • Ships are placed on private distance trackers not visible to an opponent until they conduct recon and identify opposing ships. Only when successfully scanned will a ship be placed on the main board.
  3. Movement Phase
    • Ships Move, Pursue, and Evade, Choosing how Much Fuel to Spend, If a Ship Runs out of Fuel, it is out of Play
  4. Attack Phase
    • Ships choose whether they will attack an opposing ship within their current range band.
  5. Morale Phase
    • Any time a ship is damaged, it is psychologically difficult on the crew members. Combat is serious, and it requires the ship to roll for a Morale Save, which can have serious consequences.

Thrust! Includes:

  • 8"x16" Accordion Fold Rules Pamphlet
  • 2 Player Screens (Red and Black)
  • Three 8.5"x11" Distance Trackers (Two Private, One Main Board)
  • 72 Ship Counters in a box (Red and Black)
  • 2 Dry Erase Player Ship Trackers (Red and Black)
  • 2 d100 Dice Sets (Red and Black)
  • 2 Dry Erase Markers
  • Print & Play/VTT Materials


Why buy this?

  • Human Made
  • Quick Play
  • Hidden Boards




Component Quantity Photo
Medium Folio Set 1 set of 1 medium folios component component
Medium Screen Set 1 set of 2 medium screens component component
Medium Stout Box (Top And Sides Printed) 1 component component
Bi-Fold Mat Set 1 set of 2 bi-fold mats component component
Document 3 component component
D10, Black 2 component component
D10x10, Black 2 component component
Marker, Dry-Erase, Fine, Black 2 component component
Thrust! Counters 1 component component

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