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Do you know how to partner on Instagram? The answer to this question can make all the difference to




Do you know how to partner on Instagram? The answer to this question can make all the difference to your results on this social network. First, because Instagram has already become the second most used network in Brazil, with 1 billion users worldwide, it is the best of many companies that want to attract customers and have more visibility. And second, this is a perfect social network for partnerships. Instagrammers are there as one of the possibilities. In addition to establishing a stronger relationship with potential customers, partnerships on Instagram can help you attract new followers, convert leads, reinforce your branding, and, of course, sell more. However, how to partner on Instagram to increase engagement and the number of followers? Read on and see our tips! How to partner on Instagram? To help you get right when partnering with Instagram digital influencers, we've separated five simple and super important tips! See below! 1. Find an influencer with values aligned with the brand. Imagine the following situation: you partner with an influencer, and soon he starts posting homophobic, racist, and discriminatory messages. It would be chaos. But that's what happened at the 2018 World Cup when YouTuber Julio Cocielo made a racist statement against French player Mbappé. As the days passed, the situation worsened, as several old tweets of the same tone were found. The result? Adidas, Itaú, and Submarino canceled the partnership with the professional to avoid problems with their images and reputations. This is, therefore, one of the most relevant tips we can give you. Moreover, it's the starting point for your Instagram partnership to work. So make good choices. An influencer that doesn't match your target audience will not get results. The ideal is to have the profile you want and look for it. After that, you move on to analytics like engagement rate, number of followers, etc. 1. Consider TakeOver The takeOVer is a practice that consists of letting the influencer take care of your profile for a specific period. This action usually increases engagement and brings the profile followers closer to the brand. In this case, the purpose is to cross-promote. Instagrammers post pictures on the brands' profiles and show what is desired. In addition, videos, live videos, and stories can be explored. If you want to learn how to make a successful Instagram partnership, the idea is to define a very clear objective and plan what should be done. Insert the influencer into the process from the beginning to get a clearer view of what will work and what content will deliver the expected results. 1. Create your own hashtag Creating a hashtag for action is critical to expanding reach, driving engagement, and tracking campaign posts and comments. More than that, the hashtag allows evaluating the performance obtained by the number of publications, impressions,instagram search without account etc. The necessary care is that the hashtag needs to be specific and have to do with the action taken; for example, Estilo magazine, which is a fashion publication, used #ThássiaNaEstilo to show the action it did with blogger Thássia Naves. Also, use the best known, such as #takeover. 1. Use maps to find potential influencers. Finding great digital influencers is simple. They are there; everyone knows them; you probably know who they are. But, this is not necessarily the best way to partner on Instagram. Small, or rather, micro-influencers can be the best option for brands that cannot invest large amounts and who want to speak to very specific niches. And, to discover these Instagrammers, the ideal is to have the technology. Through mLabs, you will be able to discover influencers from the brand's niche; you will be able to analyze their engagement rate and the volume of their followers. Very simple. 1. Measure the results Have you already put your ideas into practice? Started partnering on Instagram? So, it's time to measure the results. As with any action, this is essential to know what needs to be adjusted, if the data confirms expectations and if the target audience is being reached. if you want to understand all this, two things are essential: • All links released by influencers to promote the brand must have been carefully parameterized with Google UTM. Only then will you be able to measure the traffic of these actions through Google Analytics. • Use a social media management platform to analyze the results. This includes engagement rate, detailed interaction analysis, paid and organic reach of posts, among others. If the actions took place on the influencer's social networks, it is important to have this integration with a social network management platform aligned before starting the action. In the end, just ask him to generate a performance report. Now that you know how to partner on Instagram, I want to invite you: try maps for free for seven days and discover some influencers to get in touch with right now!

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