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Playing Card Templates

A full set of templates for creating custom decks of playing cards.




These templates can be used to create your own custom playing cards from scratch, or by modifying the cards that are included.

Contains all of the templates needed to create playing card faces and backs, as well as a full set of example card face designs (and 3 example back designs) that can be used as is, or modified as needed. Templates were designed specifically for Photoshop (.psd) and Paint.NET (.pdn), but have also been exported as .png files that can be used in other image software.

NOTE: Because Game Crafter doesn’t currently support Paint.NET (.pdn) files as Game Design Assets, the .pdn files are available from the SHP Games web site. Information on downloading the .pdn files is included in the .zip file with the other templates.

Cards created with these templates may be printed for your own use or as part of a commercially produced deck.

If you'd like to see examples of an actual playing card deck, check out Zero Mod Playing Cards, which were created using these playing card templates.

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