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A storytelling card game of murder and deception





is a storytelling card game where players are murder suspects using phrase cards to incriminate their opponents. Each player creates a story to earn credibility points, introducing a murderer, the motive, and how the victim died. At the game's end, players tell their story and make an accusation of who they hope the police will believe is the murderer. For police to be swayed, the more plausible, consistent, and detailed their murder plot, the more points it earns.




On a tranquil Sunday morning at the Manor Inn, you are suddenly awoken by a knock on your bedroom door. The police inspector informs you there has been a murder, and you are one of five suspects. The inspector tells you to get dressed and come to the dining room for questioning.

Your mind races as you think about recent activities and your connection with the victim, things that could easily make you the prime suspect. To avoid conviction, you grab your journal and begin crafting a tale that explains what you saw over the weekend - a tale that casts suspicion on others.

Below is what you'll share with the police about yourself and the others.


Gathered in the dining room, the police inspector tells the five of you who was murdered but doesn't provide any other details.  The inspector then asks the group a series of general questions.  Being the first to respond to the inspector's questions will lessen their suspicion that you are the murderer. While awaiting an interview, you write down statements in your journal that provide convincing innuendo about the other suspects.


The game is played in turns, with players advancing through three phases as they create incriminating statements in their journals. Players earn points in three ways:

  1. Creating incriminating statements,
  2. Answering the inspector's questions, and
  3. Story points for telling a convincing story about who's the murderer, where, how, and why they did it based on statements they create. 

Mastering these ways of earning points is needed to avoid conviction.


After answering the inspector's last question, each player shares their accusation and tells their story.  Using what they wrote in their journal and their statements as a guide, players reveal who they say is the murderer, where the murder happened, the murder weapon, and the motives involved. Players are rewarded with Story points for including the details of their accusations within their statements.

You'll enjoy embellishing your statements and weaving a convincing story of evil intent. After sharing the last story, discuss who had the best accusation and story and guess who won.  Then, everyone reveals their final score. The player with the most credibility points wins the game and avoids being taken to the police station for indictment and conviction (at least for now).


Flipbook Rules To Accusations


Be a super sleuth by using your smartphone or tablet while playing Accusations. Scan the QR code and download the Accusations Web App that works on any browser on Andriod, iOS, MAC or Windows devices.


  • Visit for a free account
  • The browser will be blank for about 1 minute as it downloads,
  • Size it to your screen, and
  • Enjoy insights on other players' characters, gameplay advice, and a quick guide to scoring.

Or Click Here if viewing this page on a mobile device.


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Right-click and save the image below. Import it into any editor (e.g. paint) and add your details, sending it to guests via email, text, or social media. Enjoy a creative, fun, and hilarious time with friends and family.



Play Accusations during Protospiel Online April 2022. This is a great way to make friends and learn about this and other fascinating games. Click the "Interested In Playing" button on that site for being notified. Download the free Accusations Playsheet PDF on this site and have a writing instrument handy. Learn More


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Publish Date April 30, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Incriminate others using a hilarious web of intrigue
  • Limitless plots and themes guided by your imagination
  • Outwit others by being the first to answer police questions


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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