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Evade suspicion by incriminating others.





Accusations is a card game where players are murder suspects evading suspicion by searching for evidence, offering the police an alibi, and making statements implicating others in the murder. Your innocence (measured in points) increases with every accusation you make. But irrelevant accusations won’t keep you safe. You’ll need to search for clues that lead to admissible evidence you can use within your accusations if you are going to rise above suspicion. The intrigue lies in finding clues, gathering evidence, and crafting amusing but incriminating murder plots against others.

Players begin by exploring Gelp Manor, searching for evidence to establish an alibi and suggest a plausible murderer, means, and motive for killing the victim. The more evidence revealed, the more lethal accusations become. By the game’s end, it’s an amusing war of words as players attempt to bring down the innocent and condemn the guilty




A deadly scream abruptly awakes you on an otherwise peaceful Sunday morning at Gelp Manor. There has been a murder, and you are one of five suspects being held for police questioning.

Your mind races as you think about recent activities and your connection with the victim, things that could easily make you the prime suspect. You quickly get dressed and start searching Gelp Manor for evidence, crafting a story based on what you saw over the weekend - a story that casts suspicion upon others.

Do you have the skills to gather evidence and create credible accusations that convince police to arrest someone else? Find out by playing Accusations.



The game is played in turns with players taking up to three actions per turn. Players compete to make accusations with admissible evidence that earns them integrity points and incriminates their opponents.

Play actions include moving, searching for evidence, drawing accusation cards, making an accusation, and establishing an alibi.  


You'll enjoy weaving a convincing story of evil intent. The player with the most integrity points wins the game and avoids being taken to the police station for indictment and conviction (at least for now).


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Publish Date April 30, 2022
Edition Second
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Why buy this?

  • Establish an alibi to rise above suspicion
  • Search for clues, finding evidence that incriminates others
  • With 1200+ murder plot possibilities, every game is unique


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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