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Head Spinning, Side Splitting, Legislative Fun!

MORE CARDS! - 190 brand new, redesigned, cards to bestow your own brand of justice upon your rivals!

NEW DESIGNS! - New art, themes, and gameplay options improve your legislative power!

Buy your copy of ACHTUNG! 2.0 today!!!


ACHTUNG! is a card game like no other! The objective is to make, and try not to break, the most ridiculous laws you can imagine.

Create and enforce your own laws. Keep a vigilant eye on other players to ensure they are obeying the law, but watch out! Other players will be enforcing their own laws and surveilling you as well!
If anyone messes up or thinks they can sneak around a law they'd better prepare to hear the spine-chilling call of "ACHTUNG!"

Create nearly infinite combinations of mind boggling laws!

Make laws that target specific players or affect the whole group!

Add Amendments to laws that already exist to alter their effects!

Test your skills in Filibuster mini-games!

Abolish laws you don't agree with or write your own laws into the game using the included card blanks!


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Designed by Proud Mammal Games

Proud Mammal (@Proud_Mammal) on Twitter []


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Why buy this?

  • Make your own laws and impose them on your friends!
  • Over 150 individual laws! Nearly infinite combinations!
  • Replayability beyond compare!




Average Rating 3 reviews
Publish Date August 26, 2014
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Humor
Theme Crime
Setting Alternate Present
Audience Party
Primary Mechanic Dynamic Rules
If You Like Fluxx
More Info ACHTUNG! web site

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