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Brutal island survival card game where you play against the island, and your enemy!




Play against your friends and enemies in this brutal, strategy-driven card game in the fight for your life as you collect the ancient relics to get off the island.

Adapt is a highly strategic survival card game where you take on not only the environment, but your closest friends. Players take turns facing challenges on the island, exploring, hunting, and deciding when to betray the other players all while they are hunting down the precious relics to win the game. You can avoid dangerous misadventures by collecting and holding onto the right supplies, like the fanny pack!

As the game progresses, you will start to notice others hiding their cards, taking less risks, and trying to steal from other players. Those are the people holding relics.

Fight your way to ultimate survival and collect the relics around the island for a fun game night with the family or a group of friends!

*Planned expansions will be released through the life of the game!


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Publish Date December 07, 2015
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Why buy this?

The concept is easy and the gameplay is engaging.

  • Multiple classes to play as!
  • Hunting, Killing, and Surviving
  • Alliances and Teamwork

North Suns Entertainment

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