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Alphabet of Accessibility Deck

This deck helps designers and developers think about different kinds of disability and accessibility




Every one of us needs the internet to be accessible. Our needs may not surface today, but they may have in the past, or they will in the future. Do we know enough about what accessibility needs look like to create a future that works for everyone?

This deck describes 26 real people who need us to design and develop accessible websites. Some you'll recognize as disabled, and some may come as a surprise.

It also outlines four broad categories of accessibility needs that we must be aware of - visual, auditory, physical, and congitive & neurological issues, and highlights which affect which people the most.

The original Alphabet of Accessibility article can be found at:

An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues

(You may notice some letters have been rearranged.)

This is version 1.01, in which some typos have been corrected.


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Publish Date May 08, 2019
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