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American Pandemic: The Party Card Game

A party game of freedom, survival, and the pursuit of bad luck.




After raising over $15,000 on Kickstarter, American Pandemic is a celebration of freedom at its best when ordinary U.S. citizens face the end of the world. Enjoy early access as we wait for American Pandemic to arrive from the manufacturers in June/July 2021.


Similar to friends competing for the worst 2020 story, players play as Americans pursuing bad luck over the course of multiple rounds.

Every round, players each take a turn comprised of three phases: Escape, Hoard, and Quarantine.

Every round begins with a new Headline card revealing a unique crisis striking the American public and creating more and more bad luck for the players. The only way to stop headlines… toilet paper.


Players begin by drawing from the Escape Draw Pile to “escape” the active Headline cards. Escape cards give players bad luck points based on active Headlines.


Players next try to hoard as much as they can by drawing from the Hoard Draw Pile. Hoard cards include all the stereotypical American essentials like… toilet paper, cbd gummies, essential oils, coffee, chocolate, wine, puppies, guns, and much much more. Some give Bad Luck at the end of the game while others take bad luck away. So naturally we encourage players to trade and even steal to survive.


Finally, players end their turn by being forced into quarantine and drawing from the Quarantine Draw Pile. Inspired by the countless 2020 memes, players read out-loud the embarrassing and awkward ways they will spend their quarantine while their opponents enjoy a good laugh at their expense. Players then gain or remove bad luck. Watch out though, no player is safe from Quarantine Cards.


Throughout the game, bad Luck is stored in a player’s Crazy Stash or Sick Stash. The Player’s Crazy Stash representing their declining mental state while the Sick stash representing their failing physical health.


Players will be awarded bonus points for being the craziest or the most infected.


The player with the most bad luck at the end of the game wins.


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PLEASE NOTE: This game does not reference death or make light of those who lost loved ones during the 2020 pandemic. Instead, this game is built from the thousands of quarantine memes shared during 2020 by millions of bored Americans as well as all the hoarded American Stereotype essentials and ways people "escaped" the ridiculous accruing headlines. This is simply a hilarious party game about the ridiculous things Americans have done when trapped in quarantine.


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Publish Date March 02, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Hoard and steal from up to ten players to survive!
  • Laugh at the many awkward scenarios created from 2020 memes!
  • Solve the impending world disasters with toilet paper!

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