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A two-player conversation game about communication, mindfulness, and gratitude.
Arigato is a two-player conversation game designed around the values of communication, mindfulness, and gratitude.

The aesthetics of the game are modeled after the Japanese lunar festival of Tanabata, presenting seasonal discussion prompts as a means for players to engage in mindful, contemplative conversation. As a communication tool, Arigato is intended to help us express gratitude for the people, places, ideas, and stories that matter to us the most.

All proceeds from the game will be donated to Child's Play: Child's Play - About []

If you'd like to see how Arigato is played, watch:

Designed by:
Abhishek Biswas (@biswasos)
Cameron (Hoang) Phan
Heather Robertson (@HTHRFLWRS)
Yuvan Wickramasinghe

© 2017 Abhishek Biswas.


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Why buy this?

  • Tell the stories that matter the most to us as individuals.
  • Find mindfullness and gratitude in our lives.
  • Aesthetically models the Japanese festival of Tanabata.




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Publish Date May 07, 2017
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Abstract
Audience Strangers / Ice Breaker
Primary Mechanic Storytelling

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