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Axebane's Deck of Many Dungeons

A dungeon generation system for Game Masters!

Packed with random tables and illustrated in full-color, this deck of 54 cards can generate over 1 MILLION different dungeons!

Designed to be the ultimate "Pocket Game Master's Tool", these cards can help you make the most of your prep time. You can also use them on-the-fly during your next RPG session when your players decide to go in a completely different direction than you anticipated!

For use with most fantasy RPGs, and especially well suited to the 5th edition of the most popular role-playing game.

PLEASE NOTE: This deck of cards is not a stand-alone game. It is a tool for Game Masters to use with tabletop fantasy role-playing games!


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Why buy this?

"The Deck of Many Dungeons is a powerful tool in a DM’s arsenal, reducing prep time and even easing the mental space for improvising a dungeon on the fly."

  • Full of hand-drawn dungeon art!
  • Each card in the deck is unique for maximum variety!
  • Encounters scale based on the number of players!




Average Rating 17 reviews
Publish Date March 03, 2017
Edition 1st
Department RPGs
Genre Fantasy
Theme Dungeons
Audience Game Master
If You Like Dungeons & Dragons


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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