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Baked In Blood

Live the life of enslaved brick workers to escape debt bondage over generations.




Decades ago, you borrowed money from a wealthy kiln owner to pay an unexpected medical bill. Now, your family is still here trying to repay that debt - trapped as bonded laborers. Is there no escape? If you die or run away, the debt is passed on to your family. How many generations of your descendants must toil away to clear the debt?

Designer’s Note: This game is inspired by the millions of real life brick workers in Pakistan whose only certainty is death and a life of slavery exploited by rich kiln owners. The workers - many are children, some as young as 5 - work for 16 hours a day to make over a thousand bricks by hand. They earn less than US$3 per day but half is deducted towards their debt. They often end up borrowing further just to get by, thus ensuring they stay in a never-ending cycle of debt and dependence on the kiln owners. NGOs strive to break the cycle and free these families from debt bondage.

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Publish Date April 30, 2023
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  • Unique immersive real-world theme
  • Non-permanent legacy solo experience
  • Dice worker placement with light bag building

Ahmad Salahuddin

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