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Breakaway Football: Expansion Teams 6

Four new expansion teams - Centurions, Outlaws, Mustangs, & Sinners!




Expansion Teams for Breakaway Football

Product includes updated, downloadable solo AI for Offense and Defense for each team!

Centurions - Inspired by the Chiefs of 2019, the Centurions feature an electrifying offense anchored by an escape artist QB and blazing fast receivers. The Centurions powerful Offense and hit-or-miss Defense often create thrilling shootouts. - Two (2) Red Halma (Keep The Play Alive) - 1 Yellow Halma (Tuck It & Run)

Outlaws - Inspired by the 1976 Raiders, the Outlaws feature a complex set of mechanisms, a punishing Defense, and an Offense capable of legendary come-from-behind games. - Six (6) Black Winks (Just Win Baby) - Two (2) 22mm Blue Winks & One (1) 22mm Orange Wink (Savage Collision) NOTE: By design, the Outlaws Defense includes only 8 cards.

Mustangs - Inspired by the 1998 Broncos, John Elway's final season, the Mustangs feature a powerful running game and a stout run Defense. - Two (2) Orange Halma (Mile High Salute) - Three (3) Blue Winks (Running Wild)

Sinners - Inspired by the 2018 Saints, a Drew Brees team that came one penalty short of winning an NFC championship, the Sinners feature a dynamic passing attack, a balanced rushing attack, and a capable defense. - One (1) Yellow Wink (Blown Call) - Three (3) Exclamation Marks (Make Some Noise!) - Three (3) Blue Winks (High Accuracy) -

Solo Offense AI Demo:

Solo Defense AI Demo:

Enjoy this NFL Primetime-style show that previews mechanisms and describes league play of many available teams!


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Publish Date November 24, 2021
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Why buy this?

I would be hard-pressed ever to not recommend an expansion for this game, as these teams are always so well made and more variety is never a bad thing.

  • Inspired by '19 Chiefs, '18 Saints, '98 Broncos, '76 Raiders
  • Team-specific smart AI sheets downloadable for Solo play!
  • Red Zone cards included!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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