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"the best game in 2,000 years"

In 1882 sixteen year old George Parker began to create a new board game called Chivalry with the intention that it should be easier to play than chess but more interesting than checkers. This idea proved to be a challenging one. Parker continued to develop the game for the next five years.

Chivalry was published by Parker Brothers proper in 1888. It won rave reviews from top chess and checkers players but "the best game in 2,000 years" (as Parker Brothers claimed it to be) didn't catch on with the public as expected.

Nevertheless George Parker believed in the game and continued to refine it eventually reducing its size. This proved to be a key innovation. In 1930 Chivalry was reissued. Streamlined and newly christened Camelot, it gained notoriety and became, after all, one of Parker Brothers most popular games.

Camelot features lively jump and capture gameplay that anyone can easily learn from kids to adults. Surprising twists and interactivity make the game a nail biter to the end. Camelot is guaranteed to become a favorite!

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World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Camelot
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Cool Factors

  • Lively, surprising gameplay
  • Easier than chess & more fun than checkers
  • Winston Churchill's favorite game


DesignerLet's Play Games
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Publish DateDecember 19, 2011
DepartmentBoard Games
Primary MechanicStrategy
If You LikeCheckers
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