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Candy Catchers™

The Sweetest Game You'll Ever Play
Kids compete to collect as much candy as they can. Parents and kids learn fun ways to discuss good eating habits, the importance of brushing your teeth, sharing with others, and listening to your parents. Kids learn to count using numbers 1 to 4.

Candy Catchers™ also gets kids role playing in positive ways with the "Mommy" and "Share Your Candy" cards. It’s so cute to see kid’s role playing when using the Mommy card, mimicking how “Mommy is in charge.”

At the end of each game, kids must add up the candy in their candy piles using numbers 1 through 4 on each candy card. There are several opportunities for strategic plays too - keeping older kids and adults engaged and entertained. All age groups will find Candy Catchers™ entertaining and fun!

Skills Learned and Good Habits Covered:

Counting Numbers 1 – 4 :: Brushing Your Teeth :: Sharing :: Eating Your Dinner :: Listening to Mommy

Extensive Play Testing Suggests Ages: 5+

Playing Time: 15 Minutes


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Why buy this?

  • Counting With Numbers 1 to 4
  • Kids Learn the Importance of Listening To Parents
  • Learn About Brushing Teeth, Sharing, Eating Habits




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Publish Date November 24, 2011
Edition Second
Department Board Games
Genre Popular Culture
Theme Education
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Co-operation


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