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Capture the Flag

Race into your enemy's territory. Grab their flag and return it to your base and you will be victorious. But watch out, because your pieces can be captured and sent home empty handed.

Capture the Flag is a quick, fun game for two players. It uses a unique turn order mechanic, so you never know who will go next or what piece they will be moving.

Fast pieces are good for getting the flag and running home with it, but can't capture enemy pieces. Other pieces are slower but better at capturing. And you don't take turns like you do in most games. You flip cards to see who will move next and what piece they will move. Plan ahead carefully, you don't know when you may get to move that piece again.




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DesignerSquare Gear
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateOctober 14, 2009
DepartmentBoard Games

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