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Compete to prove who is the best designer on planet earth!




Game Description

client x designer ™ is a card game in which you compete against your friends to persuade a client that your design is the greatest that has ever been made and ultimately prove that you are the best designer to have stepped foot on this earth.


3 to 8 players

Each player starts as a designer at the beginning of the game and will pick from each deck seven (7) proposal cards and seven (7) element cards

At the start of each round there will be one client player at a time, going in a circle after each round to decide who the next client player is

Each round has two phases.

Phase I

The client player will pick a card from the debrief deck and read it aloud to the other players

The designer players will then each choose a proposal card that they believe will best meet the client debrief

The client player will then choose the designer proposal they like the most. The designer player whose proposal was selected receives a point

Phase II

The designer player must now select three (3) element cards out of their hand to fulfill the accepted proposal. The designer player can go it alone or join forces with up to two more designer players to form a design team and get a wider choice of element cards.

The designer player must use the element cards selected and their wits to persuade the client player that their design is 100% bulletproof for the accepted proposal. The client player has three (3) options at this phase they can accept, request a revision, or reject.

If the client player accepts then the designer player (or team) is awarded 3 points . Points are distributed by element cards. If one player of a design team adds one card then they will get one point, if another player adds two cards then they will receive two points, if one player of a design team adds zero cards they will receive zero points.

If the client player requests a revision, then the designer player (or team) gets a chance to replace one of their element cards with a new one and try again to persuade the client. The client player gets one revision per player/team.

If the client player rejects then other designer players (or teams) have the option to buy-in, with the client player being the deciding factor . The client player gets two (2) rejections total.

The end of phase II is the end of a round, The game ends once all players have been the client.

At the end of the game all players will vote on the client who received the best design for their proposal and original debrief. The client with the best design gets an additional 10 points added to their final score. So clients should be very particular about what proposals and designs they go with.

The player with the most points wins


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Publish Date February 08, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Match proposal and debrief cards for hilarious outcomes
  • Use the art of persuasion to convince your friends
  • Learn about design communication


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