CliMAX-Board (Class of 2011)

peak excitement for cricket lovers

Board game version of CliMAX: A new format of cricket which provides the possibility of either team winning until the last scheduled delivery of the match. Scores accumulate massively as consecutive MAXimums are hit by the batters, but plunge back to zero at the fall of a wicket.


CliMAX-Board will appeal to any lover of cricket. It can create all the game scenarios by the roll of a batting and bowling dice. It is a must for those who want to see how the game of cricket will develop over the next decade, as the CliMAX format provides greater entertainment and thrills for supporters than traditional cricket and will become the preferred short form in the next few years. Fans will discover their team still has a chance to win right to the last scheduled delivery and so CliMAX maintains interest and involvement throughout.

CliMAX-Board demands some basic computational skills; adding up the scores on the dice and making small adjustments according to the abilities of the cricketers and to the declared batting tactics. More advanced mathematics are involved at times with scores reaching a million or more on occasions. Players will have to learn to keep within a budget (£1,500,000) when choosing their team from the business cards of CliMAX-Originals players. Accurate record keeping will be necessary on the scoresheets provided.

Tactical decisions will contribute to the outcome of CliMAX-Board games; selection of the best balance of skills from the cricketers forming a team and decisions regarding when to hit out, when to defend or otherwise will be paramount.

Not only can parents be assured that their children playing CliMAX-Board will learn these useful skills, but the whole family can have fun together. Split those playing into two teams and let them each manage the cricketers they chose, rolling the dice and deciding on batting tactics, with a captain for each team deciding on batting and bowling order. Others may umpire, calculating the outcomes from the dice rolled, or score allowing players to concentrate on their tactics.

The Class of 2011 features the players of CliMAX in that year and will make this version, like its predecessor CliMAX-Board, an exclusive and valuable collectors item in years to come.




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Cool Factors

  • cricket's new format for you
  • try out new tactics
  • pull off unlikely victories


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Publish DateMarch 23, 2012
DepartmentBoard Games
SettingModern / Present
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicSimulation
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