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A 2-Player Card Game of Clever Plans and Cunning Maneuvers




CONTINGENCY is a unique head-to-head strategic board game where players skillfully command the role of a devious assassin or the cunning bodyguard. Players take turns revealing secret maneuvers and following the instructions on the card. The instructions are simple, but new and interesting strategies evolve through an elegant mechanic and emergent gameplay. Will the bodyguards be able to save the target, or will the assassin succeed with an unexpected range kill?

Once you've proven your skill with the basics, the game offers an even more exciting advanced set-up. Meta strategies unfold as you try to get inside the head of your opponent and predict their moves several turns in advance.

Contingency is quick, visually striking, self-contained, and boasts a ton of tension for such a little game. Superior strategy and intelligence will win the day in this intense psychological battle of subterfuge and deduction. Prove your skill!

Read a great review by Jeff Provone from BlogCritics here: Card Game Review: 'Contingency' by Brandon Hegland []

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Publish Date December 18, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • Elegant Strategy
  • Minimalist Design
  • Purely Skill-Based

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