Cows Vs Visitors Starter set

A fun stand alone Miniatures skirmish game .

  Cows Vs Visitors tm      From Omni-Miniatures.

Welcome to the world of Cows Vs. Visitors tm an exciting new Hobby Game that allows you to invest your own creativity into it, where things do go bump in the night and your local cud chewing bovine may be more,much more than it appears.

the Cows vs Visitors starter set is a stand alone table top war game that uses drop cards to help give your forces advantages over your opponent. Get to an objective marker draw a card, and use to your advantage. Cows, defend against the Visitor attacks and avoid getting abducted. Visitors, beware of the devastating stampede attacks. Choose a side, maneuver your force using cover and tactics to fight to win the game. So don"t even bother to clear off that table, use the loaf of bread as a barn, the sugar shaker as a silo and those books as hill. Hide your team behind the salt & pepper then ambush your opponent!

Perfect for the "War Gamer" on a budget. Inside this boxed set you get everything you need to play.

You get the rulebook, one deck of drop cards, drop card markers, dice, full color photos of the characters on card stock playing pieces with plastic stands


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Micro DeckMicro Deck (1 deck of 22 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 52 cards)



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Cool Factors

  • Perfect for the wargamer on a budget
  • Quality Game Crafter Products
  • Made in the USA


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Publish DateNovember 23, 2012
AudienceHardcore Gamer
Primary MechanicStrategy
If You LikeWarhammer
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