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crazy shapes

Simple, fast paced card shedding action for kids aged 4 and up!

Crazy Shapes is a simple, fun and fast paced card matching game.

It is designed for 2-4 players and has been play tested successfully with children and adults, age 4 through 50.

As an educational implement, this game trains visual acuity with constant shape and colour recognition and simple mechanics to make it a fun experience.

Easy to approach, learn, catches the interest and each round always lasts just long enough to allow time for another round. It is the perfect idle game to play on a summer day or winter evening of conversation and relaxing.

Crazy Shapes is child oriented, but adults can enjoy an engauging yet relaxed game that feels silly and is rewarding without being demanding of your mind or time.

How the game works

  • Shuffle the cards and deal out ten cards to each player.

  • Once everyone has their cards, take the top most card from the deck and place it face up in the center. This is the first card to match against.

  • Players match either colour or shape with the cards, going from youngest clockwise.

  • Eg: Match an orange triangle to an orange square, or a red triangle to a green triangle, etc.

  • If you have multiple cards that match colour and shape (eg: three blue circle cards) you may play them all at once.

  • The first player to shed all their cards is the winner!

Colour blind players will be pleased to note that the cards have the colours written on them as well.

This game should (still) be played in a well lit area.

Made for and playtested with children

Crazy Shapes is easily learned by anyone new to card games! It builds confidence and incites interest in its simple mechanics.

It can be played while seeing each others cards, which promotes strategy as you aim to prevent the other players from matching your cards and potentially winning the game.

The rule set is small, there are no abstract rules to consider such as wildcards, and the cards are made of durable, moisture resistant material.

The game is fast paced with rounds that can last less then five minutes between two players.

Appealing to all ages

Most surprising to me was that this game was a hit at our 2018 New Years Eve party between several adults and successively played in 15-20 minute rounds. While folks were hesitant at first due to the iconography ("A kids game?") everyone soon loved it and it was being played by several people in groups of three or four people. It was a simple activity they could enjoy while conversing over drinks. Totally unexpected and a lot of fun.

I'm confident that if you are looking for a game to share with your children or friends, you will be surprised with what Crazy Shapes has to offer.

Thanks for supporting independent game development.

Gameplay Video

My son and I playing two quick hands of Crazy Shapes. Sorry for the potato quality.


Second Edition

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Why buy this?

It has cards, and I love cards!

  • Simple and colourful
  • Super easy kid friendly rules
  • Short and quick




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Publish Date December 31, 2017
Edition Second
Department Card Games
Genre Abstract
Theme Education
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Hand Management
If You Like Rummy


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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