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Death Path: Solitary Assignment

Solo card game forcing you to navigate (and survive) the complex labyrinth known as the Death Path.




The Death Path takes the violence and brutality of a gladiatorial fighting pit combined with a challenging and complex labyrinth.

Citizens watch the action unfold live on their holo-terminals while chosen Subjects enter the Death Path ready to battle for their survival. Within the Death Path, Subjects will also encounter Pathfinders: Government-controlled robots whose sole mission is to challenge Subjects by rigorously testing their combat skills — and to provide even more brutal entertainment for the revelers viewing at home.

During their journey through the Death Path, Subjects are presented with many options within the maze representing multiple routes. The correct path of survival could be a Hidden Path that leads directly to the end of the maze. The incorrect path may just turn out to be a Dead End with no options but to retrace one’s steps.

A Subject’s prize for winning the Death Path? The Subject gets to live and enjoy all of the fame, glamour, and riches of a celebrity, while the Government logs another elite soldier for their impending war for control of the world.

Death Path: Solitary Assignment is a solo/one-player card & dice game for ages 12+

EDIT 12/12/23: The D12 is rather large and causes top of box to stick up a bit. See photo section for more details. A larger box increases the price, so we'll stick with a small box for now.



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Publish Date July 24, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Flip over cards to make your way through the maze.
  • Each weapon picked up uses a unique D6 with varying results.
  • Reach a dead end & retrace your steps or find a hidden path!


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