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DevOps Culture - Role Cards

Role cards for DevOps Culture Game - the most effective DevOps Simulation on the market!




Are you a coach, a trainer or a change agent on a mission to help your organization or your clients embrace DevOps? Are you tired of hitting the wall while trying to explain to people that DevOps is neither just Jenkins, AWS/automation nor a separate role/new department?

This DevOps Culture simulation is exactly the tool you need!

One of the most effective simulations on the market, it helps to visualize typical dysfunctions of a large enterprise pre-DevOps. In three short sprints, your group will learn about optimizing flow, will practice amplifying feedback loop, experience the benefits of cross-training and will feel the difference DevOps culture can make!

The game scales well to groups from 7 to over 50 people and is designed for a broad audience.

Please note, this set is NOT a stand-alone game, you will need to purchase additional supplies (as described in the Workshop Supplies Checklist).

Becoming a game master

1. Most effective:

Attend a train-the-trainer workshop in your area. You will learn to facilitate the latest 2019 version of this game.

2. Most budget-friendly:

Purchase Introduction to DevOps with Chocolate, Lego and Scrum facilitator guide on Amazon. This is a 2016 version of this game. While it doesn't include latest modifications, it could be a good starting point, if you can't get into a train-the-trainer workshop.

What's included in this set:

1. Role Cards for 21 people

  • Danny Developer
  • Tim Tester
  • Sara Security
  • Patricia Product
  • Samuel Scrum
  • Robert Release
  • Adam Admin
  • Benjamin Business
  • Harry Hacker

2. MOD Cards

MOD cards are the special cards, distributed by facilitator at the appropriate time to selected players (as per detailed facilitator's guide)

3. Gameflow booklet

  • high-level overview of DevOps Culture simulation in 3 sprints
  • room configuration for 21 people
  • Gameflow
  • Definition of Done for dev.package
  • Definition of Done for deployment package

4. Gameflow sheet - digital download

5. Workshop Supplies Checklist - digital download Please note: The set includes the role cards for up to 21 players (if your group is larger than 21, please order additional set of cards)


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Publish Date May 14, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Addresses the gaps left by “DevOps=automation only” approach
  • Simulates dynamic of large enterprises pre- and post- DevOps
  • Scales well to groups from 7 – 90 people

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