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Dice Bowl Football

Strategy and dice in a hundred yard battle!




Dice Bowl Football is an exciting game where you and an opponent coach teams in a battle of wits.

The game comes with twelve dice representing offensive plays, defensive formations, and special teams. Each coach calls a play, and the dice are rolled. Big completions! Huge defensive stops! Rolling all the way down the field for a touchdown!

There are no complicated charts to search through after each play is called. The outcome of the play is read directly from the dice. Quickly the coaches move on to the next play, and the action is never bogged down.

Despite this simplicity of play, the game contains all the thrilling moves and strategy of a real football game. Everything that can happen in football can happen on your game table. Aside from offense and defense, there are also dice for special plays, penalties, and kicking. Anything is covered, from Onside Kicks to Long Bombs. Yet it’s still easy to pick up and start playing!

Includes everything you need to play a game: 12 dice, two card decks representing the playing field and game clock, 4 scoring rings, 2 field markers, and instructions for playing.

All components will fit into a large cloth parts bag (not included to keep the game cost down) making it easy to take Dice Bowl along to tailgates, picnics, and parties. Need a cloth bag? Click below to pick your favorite color and add one to your order:
Game Pieces and Board Game Parts []

For a version that comes with a dice bag and a beautiful, full-color game board, check out the Dice Bowl Football: Deluxe Edition [] !

Dice Bowl Football is FatherGeek approved!
"I could not ask for more in a game.... Consider me a fan! Make room at your gaming table for Dice Bowl Football."
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Photo Credits: Football (Background, Box) by Ron Almog, under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Card back Image (grass) by Ian T. McFarland under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license and released under the same license. Derived images released under that same license.


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Publish Date September 24, 2012
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Why buy this?

I could not ask for more in a game.... Consider me a fan! Make room at your gaming table for Dice Bowl Football.

  • Simple gameplay- you'll be coaching a game in minutes.
  • Your strategy decides the game as you roll down the field!
  • If it can happen in football, it can happen in Dice Bowl.

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  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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