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Don't Fall in the Mead Hall (2nd edition)

Fast-paced dice rolling mayhem! Drink, fight and drink some more!




In Don’t Fall in the Mead Hall, players emulate Vikings drinking the night away in a mead hall. Each player controls a table of Vikings. These Vikings will drink, fight, throw things, drink some more, and fight some more. Strategic alliances will be formed and broken. Toasts (skal!) will be made. Soon the floor will be littered with bodies of Vikings that couldn’t hold their mead or please Odin in a fight. Will you be the last Viking standing?

So grab your drinking horns and make Bragi and Aegir proud. But beware, don't fall in the mead hall or you will be thrown out and branded a weak-livered milk drinker!

Contains small parts for easy traveling (but not for swallowing!). Bring it with you wherever you go and play it anywhere.

** 2nd edition updates: We now include printed dice instead of sticker dice and a full-color printed booklet with images and streamlined instructions.

Check out our new Weapon Dice Expansion. Now you can choose between an Axe, Sword or Spear when Fighting at the Battle Mat. It also includes Health Tokens for each table.

Check out our Skal Deck add-on. These cards give you things to toast about when you roll a goblet, from Norse lore to silly insults.

A review of Don't Fall in the Mead Hall from AleHorn.

A video of the most METAL band on earth, Lords of the Trident, playing Don't Fall in the Mead Hall.

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Average Rating 11 reviews
Publish Date December 20, 2015
Edition Second
Department Games
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Why buy this?

No fancy ratings, no pros/cons – just one simple fact: This game is going into my regular rotation.

  • Fast set-up and easy to learn!
  • Perfect travel size game!
  • A fun, quick and simple party game.


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