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Don't Let It Die - One Box Bundle

1-4 Player - Co-op - Strategy - Save your tribe from extinction!











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22 UNIQUE CHARACTERS With 22 characters in the One Box Bundle, that all have unique skills and specialties, you'll have over 7,315 combinations of mix-and-match strategies to plan out. Try experimenting with different characters to find your group's favorite play style!

COMPLETELY COOPERATIVE Designed from the ground up to offer a re-playable, interactive, strategic cooperative experience for 1-4 players. The key to victory lies in your group's ability to adapt to the ever-present and always changing threats of prehistoric life. Should you focus on hunting and foraging to feed your starving tribe? Or should you be more concerned with supplying the dwindling fire with more wood? Perhaps constructing a weapon or tool might ease the stress of gathering resources... These choices and more await you in what will surely be the ultimate test of survival.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Brave the wilds to collect resources such as berries, plant fiber, rocks, meat, wood, hide and bone! Cooperate with each other by planning the best use of the scarce resources you find. Some characters have skills that will assist you to obtain resources more easily. Equip them with items and unlock new discoveries to uncover their true potential!

FIRE DISCOVERIES To win the game your tribe must investigate the fire to learn its secrets before it burns out. Each discovery will help you to survive another day, and unlocking the ultimate discovery, "Fire Starter," means victory! Fire Knowledge Points, or FKP, are earned by spending stamina to roll the Fire Die, which awards anywhere from 0-3 FKP tokens per roll. You may then spend your FKP on Discoveries which help the entire group.

MULTIPLE DIFFICULTIES The core box comes with 4 different Fire Knowledge Trees to play against, each one offering a different difficulty and new set of challenges to work through!

CRAFTING WEAPONS, TOOLS, AND BUILDINGS You will need to craft various tools, weapons, and buildings to be able to survive long enough to learn the fire's secrets. Tools will assist you in obtaining resources, while weapons will help you to survive encounters with Danger! cards, providing meat from killing the attacking predators and preventing some if not all damage taken from skirmishes. There are also extremely beneficial buildings you can craft to aid the whole tribe, but choose wisely: you may only build one per game!



Every One Box Bundle and Deluxe copy of Don't Let It Die come with the mini expansion called, Daylight.

New Rules -> Drawing a Nothing card from a resource deck triggers a Day Event. When an event is triggered, draw the top card from the Day Event deck. You must pick only 1 option, before choosing, read each option to see if it has a cost. Most Day Event cards have an event with 2 options to pick from.

New Resource -> Fish

Eating Fish restores Stamina instead of Health. Only Sig can catch Fish.

Daylight includes...

-1 Rule Card

-10 Day Event cards

-8 Fish Tokens

-1 Character Card, Sig

HindranceSplayed.png Divider.png




4 New Characters

Hindrance brings 4 new Tribe members into the family! They will help you tame these new mountain lands with their wide arrangement of skills.



New Resources

The newly accessible mountain may be dangerous, but it holds valuable resources such as Gemstones, Dino Eggs and Medicinal Herbs. These new resources will aid you in their own unique ways.

BlueGemstone.png YellowGemstone.png PurpleGemstone.png
DinoEggRaw.png DinoEggCooked.png MedicinalHerb.png


14 New Unique Items and Buildings

New Item's are available for crafting, offering tons of new abilitys and ways to help your Tribe deal with the fact that everything is trying to kill them! Some of the new Tribe members even bring their own unique item that cannot be crafted by normal means.

W-Bola.png T-BoneFlute.png
B-CampWalls.png W-FireStick.png


32 New Unique Discoveries

These new Discoveries will be randomly drawn and selected to replace a variable number of Fire Knowledge Tree Discoveries, making each playthrough even more unique!

15-A.png 5-A.png
16-B.png 15-B.png


Physical and Mental Hindrances

When taking damage from Danger! cards you'll be drawing Physical Hindrances. These are temporary setbacks for your character and can be removed by eating or using new Medicinal Herbs.

If you stack up too many, your mental health will start to degrade and you'll be stuck with a non-removable Mental Hindrance for the rest of the game!

P-Naueseaus.png P-Diseased.png
M-Depressed.png M-Dumb.png


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Publish Date April 01, 2021
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Why buy this?

"We enjoyed this game and it's probably my favorite cooperative from the game crafter currently!"

  • Deluxe Edition + Hindrance in ONE box!
  • 22 Different Characters
  • 4 Difficulties, 9 Challenges, 32+ Discoveries


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.
  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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