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Doodle Fail

A party game where you draw ridiculous things!




Can you draw a hairy viking soaring majestically through the air on a vicious shark, or Count Dracula smuggling kittens through airport security?

Doodle Fail is a 4-5 player party game that has friends compete to draw bizarre and hilarious pictures. Players take turns placing cards which, when combined, create a wacky scenario for everyone to draw.

Race to complete your drawings before time is up, and then reveal your masterpieces. Impress the judge each turn with your clever doodles to earn points and win the game!


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Publish Date March 16, 2015
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Why buy this?

  • Draw wacky doodles with your friends!
  • Great for parties or bring it out on the town!
  • Get the creative juices flowing and fight artist's block!

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