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Double Agent

A Spy-themed Solitaire Card Game!


Double Agent is a solitaire card game based on the spy genre. During play, you represent a secret agent who is trying to track down the traitorous double agent within your organization. Once you discover the traitor, you must determine an ideal time to terminate him. At this point, if your termination effort is successful, your assignment is complete (the game’s win condition is met).

Until the endgame, the double agent and his fiendish associates will be trying to eliminate you. A game mechanism ensures you become more vulnerable as you get closer to accomplishing your assignment. Along the way, your assignment will take you to different parts of Europe and possibly to a city in Brazil.

All actions by the double agent and the enemy organization are automated by the game system. Through careful card play, you work to mitigate setbacks and efforts to end your life. Careful card play involves card archiving, hand management, stack deduction, and set collection.

The “Player Deck” features multi-use cards that are used for performing actions, payment in the detection step, and generating scores during assassination attempts and agent termination.

This card game includes 163 cards, two booklets, and a game box.

Breakdown of cards:

60 Player Deck cards

30 Setbacks Deck cards

30 Agent cards

24 Detection cards

6 Player Location cards

6 Player Aid cards

3 Placeholder cards

1 Exposure Level Track card

1 Exposure Level Indicator card

1 Turn Steps Reference card

1 Turn Steps Indicator card




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Publish Date July 28, 2020
Edition First
Department Games
Genre Adventure
Theme Survival
Setting Cold War
Primary Mechanic Deduction
More Info Double Agent web site

Why buy this?

  • Solitaire Design
  • Comprehensive Rulebook
  • Playful Artwork

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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