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Drive Them Back

Hack 'n slash your way through enemy ranks with huge weapons and epic attacks!
Currently not for sale while we test one final, much needed, change!

You and your friends are heroes standing before Their vanguard. Grab your weapons because this is about to get Epic! Work together to wipe out Their ranks before being overwhelmed!

To keep Them at bay you’ll need more than your oversized weapons. Giant saw blades, a rain of axes, tornadoes, ice storms and even death itself are at your disposal!

You’ll have a whale of a time while you and your friends DRIVE THEM BACK!

We've integrated the would-be expansion cards into the base game! The new "Advanced Enemies" add complexity and gameplay to Drive Them Back. The new Explosion symbol damages enemies adjacent to the explosive enemy! All of the Advanced Enemies are completely optional, if you have less time you can still play the game completely as it was before. Better yet, you can include any Advanced enemies you wish to customize your game to your heroes' needs! Playing with all the Advanced Enemies adds up to 30 minutes to the game time.

No problem! You can purchase the advanced enemies here!
Drive Them Back: Reinforced []

Here's a quick run down of the gameplay:

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Why buy this?

Over the top? Certainly! Silly? Without a doubt. Casual and fun? To a “T”. Well balanced and yet challenging? You bet your buckler, kiddo.

  • As Hack 'n Slash as a card game can get!
  • Grid Based Fighting
  • Work together to win while trying to get the most points!




Average Rating 6 reviews
Publish Date October 26, 2012
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Combat
Setting Alternate Past
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Co-operation
If You Like Castle Panic
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