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Rules-lite dungeon crawler memory game about drunk dwarves




Oh man, that was a party!!! This one will be legendary even among dwarves! And that young wife of your cousin Gringhli, what a cute beard she has! Lucky man. But now it is time to return home...

Will you guys find your way back?” says Gringhli. “Wicked creatures lurk in the shadows beyond the main corridors... And you look still totally smashed. Drunk and stoned at the same time, ‘droned’ as we call it, hehe.

Never mind, my dude. I remember the way as clearly as my own name, which is, er... ehm... errrr... Well, farewell! And best wishes to your marriage again!

Of course, you, a mighty dwarf warrior, would never admit you could not do something, but to be honest – you cannot remember the way back to the light as sure as you can’t remember how many beers and pipes you’ve had, not to mention kegs of mead. So, the epic memory game begins!

Which tunnel is familiar to you? Which stone wall or staircase do you remember? – Look for pairs of cards and try to avoid dangerous encounters.

Includes link for free downloading the soundtrack by renowned Dungeon Synth musician Tortvred Realm!



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Publish Date January 11, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Very simple rules: a game for any party!
  • Connects memory game and dungeon crawling
  • Stupid adult humor


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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