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Duel List

60 Seconds. One Topic. Start Listing Now.
Duel List is a competitive knowledge listing game in which players simultaneously list as many items in a topic as they can in 60 seconds.

Gameplay: On a turn, the active player picks one of the 9 knowledge decks and rolls 2 dice. 1st die chooses category, 2nd die chooses specific topic. The active player calls out the topic to list and all players have 60 seconds to list as many items as they can in that topic on their piece of paper. After time is up, players start listing out the items they wrote, beginning with the active player. Players list out their answers in clockwise order, scoring as needed. If any other player shared an answer, every player scores 1 point for that answer. Otherwise, the player receives 2 points for every valid, unique answer.

End of game: Once every player has had the chance to be the active player and choose a knowledge deck, then the game is over. Count up points, whoever has the most points wins.

Components Note: For the first edition of Duel List, we will be including only the tuck box, 9 knowledge decks (54 cards), and rulebook booklet.

*You must provide your own 2 six sided dice, paper, pens, and timer.*


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Why buy this?

If you enjoy making lists and are good at thinking on your feet, this is an excellent game!

  • Simultaneous Play, No downtime
  • Easy to learn for younger or casual gamers.
  • Over 250 different possible topics, great replay value.




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Publish Date September 08, 2015
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Popular Culture
Theme Education
Audience Party
Primary Mechanic Words / Spelling
If You Like Beyond Balderdash
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Tessa and James Van Boxtel

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