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Chess Move Over! In Duel Maze you control the field with Special Effect Cards and use Dice as Pawns!
Is chess fun to you but also kinda stressful? The knights flying? The endless "Check" and watching every piece for that invisible sneak attack that your friend learned at Chess Camp or by studying with a Grand Master? Here comes along a game that feels like chess but is simpler, really bears no grudge when you lose, and is incredibly competitive nonetheless. Why begin to describe the game with how it feels to play? Because it feels amazing!

Enter the world of Duel Maze where you start by building walls and summoning dice and then using Cards from a Communal Deck to gain an advantage. All the while though, your opponent can try to counter your cards with his own, attempting to level the playing field. It's no longer only what you have on the field but how you manage your hand. And thinking ahead IS diverse BUT is many times as easy as scouring out a clear path to your goal counter. With all the different ways you can play your cards, move dice, and shift around walls, each game is as unique and interesting as the first you play.

As the designer and creator, I found that the first time I tested the game in its pre-production form, I really didn't want to quit playing after a few fun games with my friends. On the first game I was still getting my bearings, but by the second game, I was Hooked! Therefore, I feel like this game really has the spark of a timeless game, one that can be played for years to come!

So...Move Over Chess! Welcome Duel Maze to the Family of Classic Games.


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Why buy this?

I’m sure I’d get a few Picard face-palms if I claimed that Duel Maze was an a-MAZ-ing game, but that’s exactly what it is. There’s so much strategy for such an easy to play game, it’s ridiculous. 8/10

  • Like Chess but Simpler and with more "Eureka" moments
  • Quick to Pick Up and Becomes an Instant "Go-to" Game
  • Endless Strategies and Possibilities with the feel of a TCG




Average Rating 5 reviews
Publish Date March 27, 2016
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Abstract
Theme Dungeons
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Strategy
If You Like Chess
More Info Duel MAZE web site

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