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Dungeon Dominos

Stunning isometric dungeon tiles with monsters, weapons and other cool stuff to mix into your deck




Dungeon Domiños

Although this deck of isometric dungeon tiles, monsters, oracles, weapons, potions, etc. is designed for game masters to use as they wish, I could not resist designing a game to play with them.

                    ALL IS FATE! – Game Rules

Up to four players collaborate to help our adventurer, Baña, complete the dungeon’s quests. Use a coin to represent Baña. This will also be used for judging Fate. ALL IS FATE!

Each game player has one lifepoint to count towards Baña’s total of four life. (If playing solo, both player and Baña have four lives.)

The deck is shuffled. The title card is placed on top of the deck. Players take turns sliding tiles from the bottom of the deck (Do not look at the underside.) If it is a dungeon tile the player must connect this logically with the rest of the dungeon. Baña’s coin is moved one tile forward into the dungeon. A turn must always entail taking a new card from the deck and moving Baña’s coin one tile.

To win, Baña must

  1. Plunder the treasure vaults in order to pay off the demon, Devius
  2. Find the weapons required to defeat the dungeon’s other beasts.
  3. Find the whirlpools which lead to each other, but also to freedom.

Ghoulish guardians roam the dungeon. If players have discovered any weapon, Baña can defeat these guardians. If not, Baña’s coin is tossed. "Heads" means Baña is unscathed and escapes to an adjacent dungeon tile. "Tails" means Baña loses one life and the player whoseturn it was now is lifeless. Lifeless players may still have turns and it is possible for them to have their lives restored. When all players have lost their lives though, then poor Baña perishes and the game ends.

The horned demon, Devius, can be bribed with gold from any of the three treasure vaults. Without this gold, one life is taken from Baña. The monsters, Dråken and Centius can only be defeated with bows, a throwing dagger or axe (close combat is not an option). The Bone Serpent and Skullspiders can be defeated only by a fire spell. The Soul Army rising from the mud can only be defeated by an ice spell. Without these weapons, poor Baña loses a life. Once used, weapons are flipped and returned to the top of the deck under the title card.

If an oracle appears from the deck the player whose turn it is, is granted one life or a new card drawn from the deck - player's choice. These lives can be gifted to fallen player comrades too. As players gain lives back, so does Baña. Players gain no more than one life point: Baña no more than four. Oracles are flipped and returned to the deck once consulted. Oracles take many forms. Do not mistake the Slugwitch for a monster. She may be hideous of visage, but she is good.

If a potion is discovered, Baña’s coin is tossed. "Heads" is a life gained. "Tails" is poison, and a life lost. Potions are likewise flipped and returned to the deck after use.

In order to use a whirlpool to travel between other whirlpools or escape the dungeon, a potion must be kept and drunk when leaping in. Without a potion, Baña will drown. Potions, weapons and keys may be kept by players until used, then flipped and returnedto the deck.

Keys allow Baña to traverse portcullisses and find secret doors in dead ends.

If a bedroom or feast hall is discovered a life is re-gained for Baña. If Baña is beset by the pendulum trap, a life is lost.

ALL IS FATE! This is a game which can be played with the deck, but there are millions more. It is up to you to make them.




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Publish Date December 23, 2023
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Why buy this?

These are awesome. And they look great on a dark tabletop. Highly recommended.

  • Use these as part of your own games and campaigns.
  • Will suit any RPG
  • Free Dungeon Domiños game, "ALL IS FATE" included


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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