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Egg Roll!

Roll dice to find eggs, then push your luck to find even more.




The town-wide egg hunt is on! Find and collect as many eggs as you can before the hunt ends!

Load up an armful of eggs to bring back to the safety of your egg pile. Think you can grab a few more? Go for it! But don’t get too greedy and you might drop everything you’re holding.

Egg Roll! is a push-your-luck egg hunt for 2–6 players.

How It Works

The player with the biggest egg pile after 6 rounds wins.

Find Some Eggs

On your turn, roll all 5 green egg dice. Each die is different, with faces showing from 0 to 3 eggs. Keep rolling until you find at least 1 egg.


Once you do, count them up. This is your armful of eggs so far.

Push Your Luck

You now have a choice: you can end your turn, moving your armful of eggs to the safety of your egg pile; or you can push your luck to look for more.

To look for more, roll all 5 egg dice again. Find more eggs? Great! Add them to your armful. If you don’t, you drop everything in your armful, scoring nothing for the round.

Every time you find more eggs, you can either stop and score, or look for more.

Using Your Basket as Backup

Before you re-roll to find more eggs, you can use your basket as a safety measure. Move the eggs from your armful to your basket.


If you find more eggs, great! But if you bust, you score the eggs you put safely in your basket instead of losing everything for the turn.

Unfortunately, baskets are one-time-use, and you can't add more eggs to them once they’re in use.

Most Eggs Wins

You’ve only got time to make 6 stops, so make’em count! Biggest egg pile after 6 rounds wins the game.

Mix Things Up With Variants

Egg Roll! comes with 6 fun, simple variants, all made to work together or by themselves. Use the variants cards to let players know which variants are in effect, as well as providing a reminder of how each one works.


The variants:

  • The Race to 40: instead of playing 6 rounds, playing to 40 eggs. Players then all get final turns to try for the ultimate comeback.
  • The Great Egg-Off: a way to break ties if multiple players share the victory.
  • The Half-Bust: only drop half your eggs instead of everything when you bust. Great for younger players.
  • The Backup Basket: on any turn after you’ve used your basket, if your very first roll shows no eggs, you get your basket back.
  • The Risky Business: add in a 6th die that can double the eggs you find, but can also cancel them out.
  • The Short Game: play fewer rounds or to fewer eggs for a faster experience. Great for games with high player counts.

All Nicely Compact

Egg Roll! comes in this sturdy little mint tin, making it a great game to keep in your car, toss in your backpack, or add to an Easter basket.


It’s easy to learn, simple to play, and fun for the whole family!


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Publish Date January 17, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Quick to learn, simple to play & easy to take with you.
  • Makes a great stocking (or basket) stuffer!
  • Comes with 6 variants to let you change things up.


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