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Fairy Tale Quest

Put things back to the way they should be or rewrite history!
Travel to 24 Fairy Tale locations, be one of 18 Fairy Tale Characters, and have fun endlessly.

In Fairy Tale Quest you play a fairy tale character traveling throughout the fairy tale world looking for the details to your story.

The Evil Warlock has cast a spell and ripped the fairy tale stories from their books. He imbued jewels with the stories and hid them throughout the kingdom. You must recreate your character’s story by collecting the jewels. But be warned, the first team to collect all of their jewels and complete their fairy tale story gets the power to rewrite all the other stories. But it’s not so easy, you must keep your identity a secret. Only by watching what jewels other players collect are you able to identify the other characters. So grab your red cloak, your best steed, and begin your quest today!


Each player is dealt a character card to be kept secret. The character card indicates what jewels need to be collected for that player to win. The location tiles are shuffled and 9 are laid out on the table in a 3 x 3 grid.

Players take turns moving their pawns and performing mini-games on each tile to collect jewels (in the form of rings to be placed on their pawn). Each mini-game allows a player to trade jewels in for other jewels of a different color, steal jewels from other players, rearrange their own jewels, or simply to obtain jewels.

If playing with more than 3 players, an entire faction must complete all of their quests to win. As each player attempts to maintain their anonymity, there are several ways to learn of their true identity. First and foremost, questions may be asked for several action points if your pawn is on the same tile as another player. The question must correspond to their fairy tale character. Secondly, players watch as each other gains more jewels. Each player has a unique sequence of jewels that are mapped on the Character Reference mat. Clever players will learn to hide their identity by manipulating and switching their jewels while other players will blaze straight for the finish line hoping to finish before the other players realize their true identity.

Will it be the shrewdest player that has a happily ever after? Or will it be the bravest of the bunch? Play and find out!




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Publish Date February 17, 2014
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Fairies
Setting Medieval
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Deduction
If You Like Quarriors!
More Info Fairy Tale Quest web site

Why buy this?

  • Fun theme! Be one of your favorite fairy tale characters!
  • Jewel collecting and deduction!
  • Great artwork!


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