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Fantasy Cardball

A unique take on American fantasy football.
Finally, a complex yet easy to pick up and play version of America's most popular fantasy sport. This card game represents years of experience with the medium, and dedication to the hobby itself. If you're a fantasy football fan, then you're sure to quickly find yourself addicted to this game. And its accessibility means that even those who know absolutely nothing about football can enjoy this as well.

Great pains were taken to ensure that this experience wasn't watered down for the sake of newcomers. The mechanics of the game were simply perfected to the point of making it a breeze to catch on to for those less-adept at sports games.

The key here is strategy and the ability to adapt upon an endlessly changing field of players and outcomes. Each of the six teams within the overall deck comes complete with varying strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to your own advantage once you begin to feel each team out. However, the random outcomes of drawing cards and rolling dice during downs makes for risky business in most instances; much like fantasy football itself.

There are also multiple ways to make it to the 'Superbowl' round; ensuring that not all players will approach the game the same way, and creating scenarios not often seen in most competitive card games.

Any fan of fantasy football should feel instantly familiar with this game, while players new to the sport will not have trouble catching on to the concepts presented here. Fantasy Cardball is meant to take minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Buy now!


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Why buy this?

  • No football knowledge required!
  • Variety among player stats!
  • Simulated offensive and defensive plays!




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Publish Date October 06, 2013
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Department Card Games
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