Fiery Wands Tarot mini deck

The beautiful Fiery Wands Tarot in a MINI deck, now fully illustrated

The first version of my Fiery Wands Tarot had a "Four Elements" theme of earth, air, fire and water, and the pip cards were decorated with delightful tiny animals, birds, fish, trees, flowers, rainbows, clouds and flames. But though the first edition of the deck was and still is beautiful, it does not really give many hints as to the meaning of any particular pip card. So I have had more than one request for a fully illustrated deck.

So here it is, by popular demand! Over the course of a year, I have painted dozens more original pictures to add to my Tarot collection, and the very last illustrated pip card is now complete.

In these pip cards, I have very loosely followed the classic designs by A.E. Waite, but aiming at a less sexist approach. I do not like A.E. Waite's blindfolded and helpless women. In my Eight of Swords, for example, the woman stands staring clear-eyed ahead, with calm dignity, and a sense of hidden strength that might lead her to break her bonds.

The Major Arcana is exactly the same as in the original deck, and so has these variations from the most popular version of the Tarot:
* Instead of the Magician, the Juggler with his fiery torches... but you could see him as a magician
* Instead of the High Priestess, Juno with dagger, spear and peacock... but you could see her as a high priestess
* Instead of the Hierophant, Jupiter with thunderbolt and eagle... well, we are stretching it a bit more here, but if you really, really wanted, I expect you could see him as a hierophant!

These variations are inspired by the old medieval deck, the Tarot of Besançon, which has "The Juggler", "Juno" and "Jupiter" as cards I, II and V.

I chose that deck as a model because Besançon is a special place for me - it was the destination of my very first ever journey to a foreign country at the age of 17 - and it seemed as if it was meant to be.

The mini cards of this deck fit very comfortably in the handle for shuffling, but if you prefer a traditionally-sized tall card, try my original Fiery Wands Tarot, also with illustrated pip cards:

Fiery Wands Tarot []

And another alternative is a playing-card size deck:

Fiery Wands Tarot Fully Illustrated []


Mini DeckMini Deck (1 deck of 78 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Beautiful images from the full-size Fiery Wands Tarot
  • Mini cards are great to hold and shuffle!
  • These gorgeous tiny cards are like little jewels


DesignerSushila Burgess
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Publish DateApril 10, 2016
DepartmentTarot and Oracles
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