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Fixing Foolish

An extraordinary educational game that explores injuries caused by foolish actions.




Whether by accident or choice, foolishness usually hurts. True stories of such foolish actions, from silly to serious, are the backbone of the exciting educational card game called Fixing Foolish. The game explores some of the injuries that follow and ways to fix them, with a two-fold purpose: to engage whole-brain learning of basic human anatomy and body system interdependence and to discuss the impact of mindless actions. When used with the printable anatomy resources included with your purchase, students will think about their incredible body machinery in a whole new way!

The game includes two decks: System Cards and Story Cards.

The System Cards deck includes 9 color-coded body systems with most of their organs, each represented by a catchy icon that indicates the organ's function. For example, the 'captain' of the Nervous System represents the frontal lobe's cognitive function. The deck also has 3 Wild Cards and cards with stop and emergency room signs.

Story Cards briefly describes a real life scenario, followed by icons of organs that were damaged and organs/actions needed to repair the damage. Players read the story and attempt to match as many icons as possible using their System Cards in hand (a bit like Uno). By playing matching cards and collecting completed Story Cards, players gain points to win the game. A few cards require only a physical action; for example, touch your toes, to engage players in different ways.

Once players feel comfortable with their new-found knowledge, they can play the game backwards! Download and print the rules for Fixing Foolish for Rookies and Pros from TechnoNature's website (

Fixing Foolish is a fast-paced and straightforward card game, yet a highly effective way to learn challenging concepts of body systems. To accomplish the goals as stated above, the game should be supplemented with several unique educational resources that are available at a Systems Map (a handy cheat sheet), the Anatomy Guide that explains the icon associations, and colorful Anatomy Worksheets for students ages 12 and up. These printable resources are included with the purchase of a game.


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Publish Date August 11, 2020
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Why buy this?

Now this is an impressive educational game! With a clever name like Fixing Foolish, this health/safety centered card game teaches just as much as it allows players to have fun...

  • Based on true stories, from comical to dangerous!
  • Easy-to-play, fast-paced, and engaging.
  • Learn body systems and organ function effortlessly!


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