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Forest Fire!

A collaborative game of forest fires and firefighting




Forest Fire! was inspired by a little boy who loves fighting fires. The game is set in a densely wooded yet populated area where forest fires often occur. Players work together to put them out and save houses and schools.

A less expensive version of this game with a folding mat board is also available.

30% of profits from the sale of this game in the years 2020 will go to The Wildland Firefighter Foundation (

How to play video:

Players use several fire fighting approaches – bulldozers, water, helicopters and chemical extinguishers.

As the game progresses, environmental factors like wind and drought change, affecting the frequency, intensity, and spreading speed of fires.

This game has a full standard (thick) game board, much sturdier than the same game with 'card stock' board. The same game with card-stock game board ($10 cheaper) is available here.

Minimum age is listed as 12 (the only choice) but I built this game for and play it with my 5 year old grandson.

Game includes:

  • 1 board: a 20x20 grid of hexagons (referred to as ‘acres’)
  • 20 wood houses
  • 2 schools
  • 52 river tokens
  • 40 fire pieces (red crystals)
  • 50 burnt acre pieces (black disks)
  • 30 rock pieces (white crystals)
  • 28 water barrel tokens
  • 14 dry powder explosive fire extinguisher ball tokens
  • 2 bulldozer tokens (3 extras included)
  • 1 helicopter token (2 extras included)
  • 62 event cards (12 FOREST FIRE cards, 40 WEATHER cards, 2 CATASTROPHE cards, 4 DROUGHT cards, 3 LUCKY BREAK cards, 1 WIND DIRECTION card)
  • 2 20-sided dice: row and column
  • 1 6-sided die

8-page rulebook


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Publish Date February 03, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • You design the starting board, hard to win, fun for all ages
  • Beautiful watercolor art -- the board, cards, tokens
  • 142 3D pieces


  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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