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Go-12 can be played with a Go set, but Go-12 uses cubes.




Go is a great game that has lasted for something like 5000 years. Is it possible that the best game possible was created on its 19x19 grid? We say that it was not!! A better game for this grid is Go-12, which has a number of advantages over Go. Recognizing Go is a great game, we say Go-12 has improved the playability and resource dispensing mechanisms over Go. What follows is a reasonably complete description of Go-12.

The object of this game is to get a "12". This can happen as a 12x1 horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. A 2x6 can happen vertically or horizontally. And, a 3x4 can happen horizontally or vertically. On White's first turn, 2 stones are placed anywhere on the Go-12 board. Up to 2 cubes (or stones) can be moved one space horizontally or vertically on any turn as an option.

After that both players must place 4 stones on each turn, and they have an option to move up to 2 stones one space horizontally or vertically. There are no captures in this game, so the board will become full as the turns progress. If neither player has a 12 with a full board, the game is drawn. Otherwise, the first player to get a 12 (from the orientations and shapes mentioned above) wins.

Some important observations are the following:

1) This game is fair because each player enjoys an equal advantage in the number of cubes on the board at the conclusion of each turn.

2) This game is free from constraint. There are situations in Go that have rules banning the placement of some stones. In International Draughts (checkers on a 10x10 board), if a jump is possible, a player is REQUIRED to make it. There is none of this in Go-12. All placements are legal on every turn, and there are no rules compelling a player to do this or to do that. The one rule that must be followed is when a player forms a "12," then that player wins the game.

3) Since there are no captures, the board is guaranteed to fill up by White's 46th turn. Because 4 stones enter the fray on every turn (except White's first turn, which only has 2 stones placed), the pace of the game is so much faster than Go. The ability to move up to two stones (or one stone moved twice) on every turn also adds a great deal of strategy and intrigue to the game.

This rather short description is not fully complete. A downloadable file is available after purchase, which is a printable PDF file that completes the process.

Note: The action shot photo shows a White win. Can you find it?


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Publish Date July 09, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • The game is guaranteed to end by White's 46th turn.
  • The game is a much faster paced game than Go itself.
  • Go-12 has movement and placement. Go has only placement.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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