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Take conversations beyond ordinary chit-chat!




47 head-scratching questions!

HEAD SCRATCHERZ® is a suite of card decks that offer 47 thought-provoking questions designed to challenge your mind and stretch your imagination—while spurring a deep, fun and friendly discussion with two or more people.

HEAD SCRATCHERZ Original Edition is the deck that started it all. This first collection created for the HEAD SCRATCHERZ suite covers a wide range of stimulating topics—including history, hypotheticals, philosophy, popular culture, science, technology and simply laugh-out-loud funny—suitable for ages 12 to adult.

Get ready to put on your thinking cap! You’ll be tackling lots of head-scratching questions, such as:

  • We've had stories, plays, books, radio, TV and movies. What's the next mode of entertainment going to be?

  • What has been one of the greatest sacrifices by a notable person in history—who is not a religious or military figure?

  • Which invention had the greatest effect on human progress—for example, the wheel, light bulb or computer—and why?

  • What is a common and accepted practice that many people do nowadays that you think will fall out of practice years from now because it will be considered outdated or unacceptable?

  • What letter or character is missing from the alphabet that would make it better?

TO PLAY: Select a HEAD SCRATCHERZ question card, read it aloud, give all players an opportunity to answer—then discuss!

Enjoy HEAD SCRATCHERZ Original Edition with friends, during meals or on the go!

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Publish Date January 02, 2016
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Why buy this?

  • Takes conversations beyond ordinary chit-chat!
  • Gives you questions that challenge your mind!
  • Is suitable for families, parties, dates & anywhere else!

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