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Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards

Oracle cards with a earth-based and healing theme

This deck contains 73 tarot-sized cards grouped into categories of 8 cards each and one extra card (Card 0). Categories include: Earth, Air, Water, Ice, Fire, Technology, Spiritual Hygiene, Healing, and Purification. A manual is available for download after purchase. Mini-Booklet is included and free to download without purchase. 195 page manual available after purchase. Both the fronts and the backs of the cards can be used to do a reading.

You can try the cards for free online at:

A boxed version of these cards printed with eco-friendly paper (thicker stock), soy inks, and gilding and which includes a 200 page manual. See the link below:

Healers of the Earth Oracle

Disclaimer: These cards are not meant to replace medical advise, medications, or treatment. Nor are they to by used to prescribe treatment (other than as something complementary to treatments already being used or taken). Never discontinue medication or treatment without the advise of a doctor.


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Why buy this?

I love these cards and use them every single day to pull from as they are that spot on for me. Whether you are just beginning to work with oracle cards or a seasoned pro at it....

  • Earth-based and healing theme
  • Cards contain both labels and keywords
  • Environmental message




Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date June 08, 2015
Edition Third
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Fantasy
Theme Fairies
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Real-time
More Info Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards web site

Healers of the Earth

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