“I love these cards and use them every single day to pull from as they are that spot on for me. Whether you are just beginning to work with oracle cards or a seasoned pro at it....”

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Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards

Oracle cards with a earth-based and healing theme

For the boxless version of this oracle deck with downloadable manual only (to reduce the printing costs), see the "Related Games" section further down the page.

This deck contains 72 cards grouped into categories of 8 cards each. Categories include: Earth & Home, Air & Atmosphere, Water & Sea Life, Ice & Cold, Fire & Smoke, Technology, Spiritual Hygiene, Health & Healing, and Purification. A short definitions manual is included with the deck.

You can try the cards for free online at the below link:
https://empoweryourhealerwithin.com/ [empoweryourhealerwithin.com]

To help with the crowdfunding campaign, see the below link:
Healers of the Earth Oracle [igg.me]

Disclaimer: These cards are not meant to replace medical advise, medications, or treatment. Nor are they to by used to prescribe treatment (other than as something complementary to treatments already being used or taken). Never discontinue medication or treatment without the advise of a doctor.


Tarot DeckTarot Deck (1 deck of 72 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Earth-based and healing theme
  • Cards contain both labels and keywords
  • Environmental message


DesignerPeterson Art Design
Average Rating (0)
Publish DateJune 08, 2015
Primary MechanicReal-time
More InfoHealers of the Earth Oracle Cards web site

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