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Heroes & Capitols

Don't just settle. Attack, Defend, Grow.

This is an expansion pack for one of the best selling games on the market today: one of discovery, settlement, & trade. This expansion takes the game to a deeper level by adding Ships, Heroes, Event Cards. It also contains a new upgrade component called Capitols. No longer does one simply settle. Now one conquers. Showcasing all original artwork and card ideas, this expansion stays true to the heart of the base game while revitalizing it. Each game takes on whole new dimensions and outcomes. Visit our Facebook page for more details!




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Average Rating 10 reviews
Publish Date July 09, 2012
Department Board Games
Genre Adventure
Theme Civilization
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Strategy
If You Like Settlers of Catan
More Info Heroes & Capitols web site

Why buy this?

I’m never playing The Settlers of Catan without Heroes & Capitols again

  • Best Expansion for the base game
  • Makes every game different
  • New and exciting features


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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Own It Played It Fun Priced Well High Replay Value Well Written Rules Nice Artwork


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