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Heromaniacs: A 2-Bit Dungeon Adventure (3rd Edition)

Are you ready to become the 2-bit adventurer of a brand new newly revised dungeon?




Heromaniacs (2-Bit Adventure) is a standalone light-hearted fantasy themed dungeon crawling card game for 2-4 players. The goal is very simple: be the first player to get from Level 1 of the dungeon all the way up to and out of Level 5 and save the Princess. To do that, players must band together their 2-bit Heroes, slay the 2-bit monsters, and collect valuable EXP to advance through the 2-bit dungeon. But take heed retro rescuers of royalty…for the Heroes, and the Monsters can all change at any moment without warning. Do you have what it takes to be a 2-bit adventurer?

UPDATE: 12/03/17 EPISODE 284: GUYS, GAMES, & BEER Guys, Games, & Beer did a Let's Play episode of Heromaniacs: A 2-Bit Dungeon Adventure Card Game (3rd Edition). The discussion and play-through of the game starts at 8:20 of the video. Check it out!

UPDATE: 06/20/17 INTERVIEW WITH TOM VASEL (THE DICE TOWER) During Origins 2017, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower about my game, Heromaniacs: A 2-Bit Dungeon Adventure Card Game. The interview starts at 2:09:45 and runs until 2:16:50. Check it out!

INTRODUCTORY TRAILER VIDEO Check out the introductory trailer video for Heromaniacs (2-Bit Dungeon Adventure Card Game)!

HOW-TO-PLAY INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO Check out the how-to-play instructional video for Heromaniacs! The basic rules for this revised edition are the same with the addition of flipping cards which are explained in the rulesheet.

INTERVIEW WITH GUYS, GAMES, AND BEER Check out this interview video with Guys, Games, and Beer at Gamehole 2016 as we discuss Heromaniacs (1st Edition)!


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Publish Date June 06, 2017
Edition 3rd Edition
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Unique retro feel art style on double sided-cards!
  • New redesigned cards make it easier to team up Heroes!
  • Simple rules and setup; plays right out of the box!

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