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Highest Bidder: Art Auction

Join a dramatic art auction like no other!




With hilarious game play and lots of guaranteed in-your-face moments, this is a game not to miss!

As an art lover at an exclusive auction you're presented with three paintings each round that score points. Based on the cards in your hand, decide which of the three to go for, trying to predict what your opponents will do. Sort the cards in your hand in the order you want to play them, then at the count of three all players simultaneously place their bids on the first painting. You never know how many cards each player will bid, nor what might lurk inside the bids. Cards are then revealed one at a time.


What makes Highest Bidder: Art Auction stand out is its use of programmed actions — once you've laid down your cards, you cannot change the order. Text-based effect cards add a lot of depth to the game as they start interacting with one another. An elaborate strategy can go satisfyingly to plan or utterly, hilariously wrong. Laugh-out-loud moments often occur as unforeseen circumstances arise.

Some Effect Cards include:

  • Return your previous card to hand.
  • Next card revealed by an opponent is invalid.
  • Swap the next cards of two players.
  • Shuffle the cards placed by another player to mess up their strategy.
  • ... and more!

The order in which you've played your cards is crucial. Dave Merrell from Everything Board Games put it best:

It is very fun to play and although you get cheated at times, it feels like it’s your own fault because that’s the order you placed your cards in.

Furthermore, Highest Bidder: Art Auction includes brand new "Advanced Play" Effect Cards not seen in the original game, and an Advanced Play strategy guide introducing the new cards.


  • 39 Cash Cards valued $10,000-$70,000.
  • 16 Effect Cards as seen in the original "Highest Bidder", including "Remove Bid" and "Double Points".
  • 10 new advanced Effect Cards, including "Draw Two" and "Steal".
  • 14 paintings with point values between 1-7.
  • 6 new paintings: "The Elephant" which is won by the bidder closest to a specific bid rather then the highest bidder, and "The Alien" which takes away points.
  • Rule booklet.
  • "Advanced Play" strategy guider, including alternative rules for hours of additional fun.


Aliens, elephants and mysterious worlds are themes in the work of Swedish painter Pernilla Lindgren. Each Painting Card is an original piece of art. Pernilla is also credited for the cover artwork of the box and the two rule booklets. Please visit her website:


Highest Bidder is an original game idea by independent publisher Sträckspelsfabriken The Art Auction edition introduces new cards and artwork, taking the original idea to the next level.

  • Please visit the website:
  • Instagram:
"Quick, fun, different game where things can change quickly. I really enjoyed the variability in play."

_Everything Board Games

"Highest Bidder is an intriguing game. It creates some entertaining and tense moments."

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Publish Date March 22, 2017
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Why buy this?

Highest Bidder is an intriguing game. It creates some entertaining and tense moments.

  • Exciting game play utilizing "programmed actions".
  • Hilarious and strategic moments guaranteed!
  • Incredible artwork by Swedish artist Pernilla Lindgren.


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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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