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I Know More Español Than You! (Beginner Level)

Practice first year Spanish with your friends. Be the first one to collect 7 letter tokens: ESPAÑOL.




It’s simple: play with your friends, complete the activities, and be the first one to collect the 7 letter tokens to form the word E-S-P-A-Ñ-O-L. If successful, you will earn the bragging rights for the day: Take a selfie with the letter tokens in any creative way you want (like the people in the box) and post it to your social media with the message “I know more ESPAÑOL than… _!” plus the names of your opponents.

The game consists of several consecutive rounds of Spanish activities from the game deck. The activity category for each round is selected by chance using the poker deck. Individual players win a round and collect a letter token when they successfully complete the corresponding activity. Some luck will also be a factor to win.

Be the first player collecting the 7 letter tokens to form the word E-S-P-A-Ñ-O-L. The first player to achieve this wins. You can collect each letter token every time you successfully complete an activity in each of 7 activity categories:

E = Expresiones útiles: Translate useful expressions from English to Spanish.

S = Sopa de letras: Find 3 words in a word search puzzle.

P = Preguntas: Given a response, can you guess the original question in Spanish that led to that response?

A = Acertar: Is the Spanish grammar rule that you heard true or false?

Ñ = Con eñe: Name the Spanish word contaning a letter ñ based on a definition.

O = Ordenar: Form a Spanish sentence using the 7 random words provided.

L = Lista de palabras: Say the 5 words from the list that relate to the topic.



>>> IS THIS GAME FOR YOU?: This is a list of the main Spanish vocabulary and grammar topics included in the game “I Know More ESPAÑOL Than You!© (Beginner Level).” You do not need to master all of the vocabulary and grammar topics to enjoy the game. However, the more you have practiced these Spanish topics the easier it will be to complete the activities to prove that you really know more Spanish than your opponents. If you have completed two years of high school Spanish or two semesters of college Spanish, this game should be appropriate for you. Luck is also another factor and you may even learn a thing or two about Spanish while playing the game.

VOCABULARY topics: - Animals - Clothes and shopping - Colors and materials - Daily routine - Dates and time - Descriptions - Emotions, physical and mental states - Family and relatives - Foods and beverages - Geography and nature - Greetings and good-byes - Hobbies and sports - Holidays and Hispanic festivities - Human body and health - Languages and nationalities - Means of transportation - Numbers - Parts of the house and furniture
- Places in the city - Professions and employment - School subjects - Technology and appliances - Things in the classroom - Weather

GRAMMAR topics: - Adjectives: agreement with nouns and placement - Adjectives: comparisons of equality and inequality - Commands: singular informal TÚ - Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns - Future with IR A + infinitive - GUSTAR and similar verbs - Imperfect tense - Negation and negative statements - Nouns: plural and gender - Object pronouns: direct, indirect and double - Possessive adjectives - Prepositions + infinitives/pronouns - Prepositions: POR vs. PARA - Present indicative tense (regular and irregular) - Present progressive tense - Present subjunctive tense (regular only) - Preterite tense (regular and irregular) - Question formation: yes/no + interrogative pronouns - Reflexive pronouns and verbs - Subject pronouns - The verbs CONOCER vs. SABER - The verb HABER - The verbs SER vs. ESTAR - The verb TENER

If you prefer to purchase a cheaper and reduced version of this game with only the two card decks, use this link: I Know More Español Than You! (Beginner Level) - CARDS ONLY!


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Publish Date December 29, 2022
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  • Hundreds of words, grammar rules, and sentences/expressions!
  • Earn the bragging rights for the day as the best learner!
  • Word search puzzles, word order activities, translations...

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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