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Inventory Management

A tabletop RPG mixed with a party game.
Inventory Management is a humorous card game for people that like to tell stories. Players take turns being the Quest Giver, the person who reads aloud the quest card, and being an Adventurer, the person who plays item cards and tells stories.

For example:

A noblewoman has lost her pet snake in a basilisk den and has asked you to save it. And you have an inspirational warhammer and 30 feet of rope. How would you go about saving the snake?




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Average Rating 3 reviews
Publish Date April 17, 2016
Edition First
Department Games
Genre Fantasy
Setting Past
Audience Party
Primary Mechanic Storytelling
If You Like Apples to Apples

Why buy this?

  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Being creative is the key to victory
  • More fun than a bag of rocks!

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