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Judge Not

A Christian party game that is sure to stir up emotion! Finally a chance to say how you really feel!




It's the Christian party game that finally lets you judge and gossip about your closest friends right to their face.

In this game, you take turns playing judge and jury and decide who is to blame for the offenses listed (i.e. pointing out specks in others' eyes while ignoring planks in your own).

Offenses like "Who's refusing to play Gin Rummy because the name encourages drinking?" and "Who's putting the Children's Ministry's puppets in inappropriate positions?"!

The jury votes who in the group is most likely to have committed the offense. Whoever votes for the person "judged" the most gets a point.

Being judged unfairly? You have one chance to "Object!" and make your case why someone else in the room is the real offender!

This is the only Christian game where you'll either become closer friends or never want to talk to each other again! (We're hoping for the former!) Court is in session!

NEW! In our third edition, we have included a larger box to hold future expansions, but we have also added 58 brand-new cards to our original deck, upping the original set from 142 cards to an even 200!

PLEASE NOTE: This edition comes with a box much larger than needed for the contents. This is the "Expandable" edition, where you will be able to also hold our upcoming expansion decks in one convenient box.


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Publish Date February 05, 2018
Edition Updated & Expandable (3rd)
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • The original Christian parody of The Voting Game!
  • Judging others!
  • Guaranteed laughter!


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