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A unique colourful trick-taking game for up to 6 players
Note: To make the deck more accessible to those who are colour-vision impaired, each card has a colour label beneath the suit symbol.

The objective in Kalosi is to take as many cards of your target colour, and as few cards of other colours, as possible.

60 Kalosi cards
8 Target Colour cards
4 Rule cards
1 Instruction Sheet

All printed components have smudge-resistant UV coating and linen finish.

Remove the 4 Rule cards and separate the 8 Target Colour cards from the rest of the deck.

For a 3-4 player game, use 1 Target Colour card of each colour. For a 5 player game, randomly add 1 additional Target Colour card. For a 6 player game, randomly add 2 additional Target Colour cards. Put aside any remaining Target Colour cards without looking at them (they will not be used).

Shuffle and randomly distribute 1 Target Colour card to each player to determine that player's target colour. After looking at their card (without showing it to the other players), each player places it face-down in front of themselves (all tricks taken by that player will also be placed, face-down, on top of this card).

Shuffle the game deck and deal out the cards, as follows:

3 players - 20 cards each
4 players - 15 cards each
5 players - 12 cards each
6 players - 10 cards each

The player to the left of the dealer leads (any card) and players must follow suit, if possible. Aces are high, ones are low and Jokers may be played as high or low (but high or low must be specified when played).

Once all of the tricks have been taken, each player reveals their target colour, and adds up their score: They get 3 points for each card of their colour and -1 point for each card of any other colour. Jokers count as both colours. Thus a Joker with one matching colour is worth 2 points (3 points for the matching colour and -1 for the non-matching colour), and a Joker with no matching colours is worth -2 points (-1 point for each non-matching colour).

Hands may either be scored individually, with the winner being determined by the number of hands won, or you can keep a running tally, with the winner being determined by the total number of points.

The printed instruction sheet (which is also available as a free download) includes the complete Kalosi rules, including Team, Cutthroat, 2-Player and Solo variants.

Kalosi is played with a modified version of a standard playing card deck, allowing it to also be used to play colour-enhanced versions of traditional card games (all 8 Target Colour cards should be removed).

There are 15 rankings within each suit/colour: ? (Joker), 1-10, J (Jack), Q (Queen), K (King), and A (Ace). Ones rank the lowest within each suit/colour and Aces rank the highest. Each Joker has two colours, allowing it to rank either below the One or above the Ace, depending on the game (in some games Jokers may also be considered wild, either as any rank or as one of its two colours).

Because the colours overlap the suits, cards may be grouped sequentially by either suit or colour, and runs may be created multiple ways (ie. Rummy-style games). Colours are staggered within suits (and suits within colours), so that sequential cards within each suit are a different colour (and likewise sequential cards within each colour are a different suit).

See the enclosed Rule cards (also available as a free download) for colour-enhanced versions of "Klondike" (Patience/Solitaire), "Rummy", "Hearts", "Poker" and "Blackjack". For other games that can be played with Kalosi cards, go to Colour-Enhanced Card Games [].

There are many other possible uses for Kalosi cards. Here are just a few:

* Play and create new games, specifically for Kalosi cards.
* Play colour-enhanced versions of standard card games.
* Play variants of existing card games, with colour as an added aspect of the game.
* Any trick-taking game. Play as normal, following the suit that was led, but have a trump colour, instead of a trump suit. You still have to follow suit, if possible, but the highest card of the trump colour wins, if trump was played on the trick.
* Play any standard card game using colours, instead of suits. Ignore the suit of the card.
* Play any standard card game, ignoring the colour of the cards. Aces are always high. Ones are low. Jokers are 'wild' (within the suit).
* Play any standard card game, ignoring the colour of the cards. Aces are always high. Ones are low. Jokers may be played as low (below Ones) or high (above Aces).
* Play any standard card game, ignoring the colour of the cards. Remove Jokers and Ones. Treat all other cards as normal.

If you have an idea for a colour-enhanced version of a standard card game (or have made up a new one), we'd love to hear about it! Please feel free to email us at kalos @

v1.0 - Initial Release
v1.1 - Added colour labels and darkened colours slightly
v2.0 - Expanded Kalosi rules, added Target Colour cards, made colour labels easier to read and replaced Red cards with Orange




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Publish Date May 24, 2015
Edition 2.01
Department Card Games
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Trick-taking
If You Like Hearts
More Info Kalosi web site

Why buy this?

  • Overlapping colours and suits make the game more challenging
  • Includes 2-player, Team and Solo variants
  • Can also be used to add colour to other playing card games


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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