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Karma Katch ~ Who are You? Deva or Asura? logo

Karma Katch ~ Who are You? Deva or Asura?

A fast pace game to discover your true desire! Divinity or Demon? Deva or Asura? Who are YOU!




A two player or team game of Debate, Strategy and Consequences! Can you prove you are a better Deva or Asura by making your case? You get to pick who you want be, as it is a game where the judge could be very biased too. What are rules if you cannot change them?

Karma Katch explores the Law of Dharma and Karma through the lens of accruing Papa and Punya. The opportunity to make dharmic decisions happen daily, in small and big measures. This amazing games has an additional set of Education cards on the terms used, a very useful resource.

The cards can be used for dynamic play in dharma debates, deeper discussion on values and role playing. Reveal your Divine(Deva) or Demonic(Asura) qualities! Visit for Games, Play Ideas and Much More!

Inside: 80 Papa and Punya Scenarios

Credits: Concept and Development: Rathi Raja

Card Design: Swathi Anand & Vijay Anand

Card Editors: Mansi Vohra, Eric Guadara, Khushi Shah, Aadya Bagul, Swathi Anand & Vedic Class of 2016 at YICG

Lead Playtesters: Aayush Bagul, Maanuv Allu, Khushi Shah, Vijay Anand, Tulsi Kantu, Diya Shah, Japesh Shah, Haritha Lakshmanan Madhu Allu, & Sudha Anand

Playtesters: Aryaman Bahri, Aadya Bagul, Vishy Karuvakkat, Esha Sharma, Suchir Misra, Mansi Vohra

How To Video: Diya Shah, Japesh Shah

©Young Indian Culture Group, Inc. 2017

Karma Katch is a product of Games for Seva, a project under Young Indian Culture Group, Inc - a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity.

Games for Seva is an initiative of Young Indian Culture Group, Inc. to develop resources and tools to enrich the learning process. It is a unique collaboration between teachers, youth and parents to reveal the depths of Vedic Heritage through game development and team work. The products are meant to entertain, educate and enlighten. Our dream is that all development is done in the spirit of Seva for a greater good. Check us out on FB here. Continue the exploration by clicking here.


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Publish Date April 12, 2018
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Why buy this?

  • Teaches the good vs the bad !
  • Inducing deep discussions !
  • Reveals your inner divine and/or demonic qualities !


  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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